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Website Add-Ons You Should Consider Now

According to the online learning platform Udemy, traffic is the most important component of any website-monetization strategy. You’ve probably invested a significant amount of time and money in attracting visitors to your website. There are a few methods you can use to increase consumer engagement, time spent, and repeat visits, as well as add additional revenue streams, regardless of how many visitors your website currently receives.

Most website builders and web hosts provide a number of website add-ons that can improve not only the functionality of your site but also the user experience for your visitors. One might, for example, provide a pre-configured contact form. Another person may be in charge of data backup and database cleaning. Another option is to include a simple date and time counter on your front page.

These kinds of add-ons are especially useful if you’re not familiar with coding and development. The plugin is already written and ready to use; all you need to do is add it to your site. WordPress is yet another great example of this concept in action. Thousands of third-party plugins and add-ons are available for the popular CMS, which can be used to enhance any WordPress-powered site.

Here are some necessary add-ons you should consider for your next website — or an existing one.

  1. Live chat feature 

A live chat feature can be added to your website to assist visitors who have quick questions about your products or services. Having a live chat feature allows your visitors to connect with you more seamlessly, allowing you to better serve your visitors by directing them in the right direction. There are a few keys to success with a live chat feature, both on the “visitor” and “business owner” sides.

  1. Newsletter opt-in

Newsletters allow you to engage and serve your audience in the long run. Having a newsletter, whether it’s a monthly newsletter, a weekly newsletter, a newsletter sequence your subscribers go through — or all of the above — allows you to engage, educate, serve, and guide your audience even when they’re not on your website. Just like any other layer you add to your small business, it’s critical to have a goal in mind when creating a newsletter opt-in and when sending newsletters to your audience — to know who you’re hoping to reach through your newsletter, how frequently you’ll send newsletters to your audience, and what type of content you’ll provide to ensure your newsletters are effectively serving your audience.

  1. A quiz

A website quiz allows you to direct your visitors to the products and services that are most appropriate for them. In comparison to having a live chat feature and a newsletter, having a quiz within your web design is relatively hands-off: you can create a quiz and embed — or link to — the quiz within your web design. If you provide a few unique services or products, a quiz can assist your visitors in determining which services or products are most aligned with their needs and vision. Essentially, the quiz can guide your prospective clients or customers to the services or products that are best suited to their needs, style, vision, or goals. Having a quiz is most beneficial when it is linked to your newsletter system. When a quiz-taker is presented with their results, you can not only have their results automatically emailed to them via newsletter, but you can also continue to serve quiz-takers via newsletter.

  1. Search tool

Nowadays, having a search field on your website is a must, especially if it is large. Visitors can use this tool to search for specific items, pages, and information.

  1. Sharing capabilities

Maintaining an active social-media presence is a no-brainer for driving new traffic to your site and, as a result, identifying and capturing new customers to expand your revenue base.

You should at the very least include links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that are easily accessible from your home page and other key areas of your site. This allows readers to share your content with their own networks, increasing the number of eyes on your messaging without any additional effort from you. Aside from the obvious, other social media and video sharing sites to consider including links to on your website include YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr.

Plugins, Add-ons, and Widgets

As you can see, most of these add-ons are really functional and straightforward to install and connect with an existing website. Many people feel that adding additional systems to a website requires knowledge of coding or programming; this is not true. Some of the top websites available today include simple add-ons like this with great success. 

Keep in mind that something is better than nothing when it comes to website add-ons. Do everything you can — within the constraints of your time and budget — to grow your traffic and boost your revenue.

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